3 AirPods upgrades I want Apple to make in September

Apple Airpods Pro
The AirPods (left) and AirPods Professional (proper). The unique AirPods might undertake the Professional look this yr.

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Apple might have the new AirPods 3 prepared for its rumored September event alongside the iPhone 13 and Apple Watch 7. Over time, AirPods have develop into a virtually important software. A number of different excellent Bluetooth earbuds exist, however AirPods are nonetheless impressively on the spot and have actually good microphones. Plus, with the ability to swap from one ear to a different has helped me prolong battery life by one-earing my means by means of lengthy conferences.

The second-gen AirPods are virtually two years previous, whereas AirPods Pro are over a year old, and have continued to evolve. Apple added spatial audio in 2020, and the massively costly AirPods Max arrived with a distinct proposition (I choose small earbuds, not huge headphones), so what is going to AirPods 3 deliver? And what do I even need? For me, it is principally about higher connection.

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Rumors about AirPods 3 are getting louder


AirPods Pro Lite buds could shift all AirPods to the Pro look

Some reports say that the third-gen AirPods will look like the Pros, minus the active noise cancellation and spatial audio features. Which means they’ll have shorter stems and have replaceable ear tips in different sizes.


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