4 immune boosting nutrition tips for diabetes and obesity when recovering from Covid-19

If there was ever a time that made us take note of our well being, it has been throughout the pandemic.

Whereas the virus has been brutal to most individuals, diabetic and overweight individuals have confirmed to be part of the weak group, whose immune system is definitely compromised, making them weak to contracting Covid-19

Registered dietician Omy Naidoo says that the affect of Covid-19 is larger for people who find themselves diabetic and overweight.

“Individuals who have diabetes and are overweight, usually tend to have severe issues from Covid-19. Typically, individuals with diabetes usually tend to have extra extreme signs and issues, when contaminated with any virus. However, weight problems has emerged as a powerful and unbiased danger issue for extreme an infection and demise resulting from Covid-19,” says Naidoo.



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