5 Fitness Tips From Hilary Duff’s Personal Trainer

Superset workout routines

Leeder describes supersetting two forms of workout routines for Duff’s coaching. “We’re round 75 to 85 p.c of her one rep max,” he explains. “So, that’s a weight that you would be able to fairly fortunately do eight to 10 reps with excellent kind. After that, we might then drop the load down and do eight reps at a slower rep vary.” He says he’s discovered it to be one of the best ways to realize lean muscle when combined with the precise weight loss program.

Leeder shares an instance of a chest superset he would do with Duff. “In the event you have been to carry out eight push-ups, after which right away you get onto a stability ball with some gentle weights and carry out a chest press with the rep vary of a 4-2-1 depend. That’s 4 seconds down, holding for 2 on the backside of the motion, urgent up for one.” Duff did 4 one-hour classes per week, then moved to 5 classes weekly.


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