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Jaime Velazquez, owner of ‘jrssoma,’ creatively designed his boxing and fitness gym with a boxing ring and local murals on the adjacent walls.
Jaime Velazquez, proprietor of ‘jrssoma,’ creatively designed his boxing and health gymnasium with a boxing ring and native murals on the adjoining partitions.

It’s virtually time for the one-year anniversary of “jrssoma,” an up-and-coming boxing and health gymnasium opened by Jaime Velazquez at 1473 Broadway in downtown Atwater in December 2020.  Contemplating the recognition of the gymnasium, it’s sure there will probably be an important celebration.

Gymnasium members additionally had fun at jrssoma on the night of October 9 when the enterprise held a barbecue for company to observe the heavyweight title boxing match between undefeated WBC world champion Tyson Fury and former long-time heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder.


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