Besan For Weight Loss: Does it Help?- HealthifyMe

Besan, additionally known as gram flour or chickpea flour, is a staple in Indian delicacies. It has been gaining traction in recent times as a weight-loss support. With its excessive protein and fibre content material, this flour constructed from floor chickpeas can maintain folks full for prolonged intervals. Nonetheless, the burden loss advantages of besan aren’t restricted to its satiating attributes.

This text discusses the weight-loss advantages of besan and the way it matches properly in a weight-loss eating regimen.

Is Besan Good for Weight Loss?

Consuming besan in average quantities can profit in losing a few pounds. That’s as a result of it’s low in energy and wealthy in important vitamins comparable to zinc, folate, and iron. As well as, its excessive fibre and protein content material make it supreme for controlling starvation and selling a wholesome weight. 


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