Do fitness and nutrition trackers hurt or help?

Have you ever heard of the time period “orthosomnia?” For those who’re any phrase sleuth, you might be able to deduce that the time period”somnia” might have one thing to do with our sleep. Ortho means “straight or appropriate.” And it appears, due to wearable expertise, folks have develop into obsessive about the information round hacking the proper sleep.

I’ve at all times been extremely cautious of measuring my sleep. I am keenly conscious of my sleeping points; I do not want expertise serving to me reminisce over a fitful night time’s relaxation. I’ve all of the proof I want beneath my eyes every morning. Except this expertise can spit out a melatonin tablet or robotically flip off all blue lights in my room at 10 pm, the information is ineffective and can merely add to my stress. 


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