FITNESS: Get into the swing of dynamic stretching


COACHING and power/conditioning coaching codecs have modified quite a bit over the previous couple of many years.

It has gone from warming-up utilizing static stretching to extra dynamic actions. A dynamic motion is the best way we transfer from one location to a different utilizing our physique and muscle tissues. It’s about motion and the best way we carry out that motion.

Dynamic stretching eliminates extra pressure the place energetic stretching doesn’t. Dynamic stretches needs to be used as a part of your heat up routine earlier than an athletic occasion whether or not it’s aggressive or not. In case you use dynamic motion as your heat up then attempt to do it for 5 to 10 minutes so that you heat up accurately. I personally discover a stability of static and dynamic stretches a good way to heat up the muscle tissues, ligaments and tendons earlier than I health club, run or cycle.

The commonest dynamic actions are: strolling knee to chest; heel to rear jog; straight leg kick; back-pedal to jog; wall leg swings and lunge stroll with twist.

Dynamic wall leg swing

• Begin by organising subsequent to a wall or floor which you could maintain onto

• Place your hand on the wall or worktop (or tree!)

• Raise your inside leg off the bottom

• Swing your leg ahead whereas conserving your knee straight and toes on the prime

• Now swing your leg again down

• Repeat 10 instances, flip round and do the opposite leg 10 instances.


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