Full Body MRI Scans for Proactive Wellness

If you happen to discover media personalities like Brittany Furlan, Tori Spelling, Camille Grammer and Jeff Lewis boasting about the advantages of a full-body MRI scan, it’s not a coincidence. Prenuvo, an organization that gives full-body scans in a med-spa like setting desires to make the method extra accessible and interesting to sufferers who could wish to detect any potential cancers or ailments early on. Their boutique-style practices are swiftly popping up across the nation and on our social media feeds. Whereas they might seem to be one other stylish wellness craze, figuring out what the scans can detect, they might change the way in which we take into consideration preventative care

“Statistically, it does appear that in our lifetime we even have a 50 % likelihood of being recognized with most cancers,” says Prenuvo CMO Raja Haddad. “Nearly half of those prognosis happen when signs current themselves, so usually in late stage two or early stage three. In quite a lot of circumstances, that is too late, nevertheless it doesn’t should be the case when we’ve got entry to preventative screening.”


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