How Emsella Is Helping Women Cure Incontinence

It appears like a taboo topic, but it surely shouldn’t be in any respect. In accordance with the Nationwide Affiliation of Incontinence, of the 25 million Individuals coping with the sudden urge to make use of the restroom and lack of bladder management, 75-80 p.c of these are ladies. Basically, episodes of involuntary leaking happen to at least one in 4 ladies over the age of 18, so whereas it’s a topic we don’t discuss sufficient, it’s a typical concern.

Duxbury, MA plastic surgeon Christine Hamori, MD says at her apply, a therapy that includes sitting on a chair has helped to rid her sufferers of the embarrassing episodes and for some, a reliance on pads, underwear and bladder-leakage merchandise. Dr. Hamori says it’s been a life-changing therapy for therefore many and one of the best half is they only have to take a seat down in her Emsella chair. Right here, she shares the therapy advantages and the way straightforward it’s to include into your busy way of life.


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