How quickly will you lose your fitness if lockdown forces you to stop?

Midway by a hearty new five-month health regime, I’d hoped to by now be writing concerning the fats I’d blasted off my hips, my growing power and endurance, and the way I’d smashed a long-distance run and had upped the anti to plan for a half-marathon.

Reader, this isn’t that column.

In July I wrote semi-smugly about my new well being endeavour, kick-started by a suggestion from Finest Meals and the Vodafone Warriors to hook me up with a private coach, a nutritionist, and a personalised exercise plan to get me in form by summer time.

For about two months all was effectively. I’d ditched almost all processed meals in favour of a number of fish and veges, had experimented with protein shakes, in the reduction of on alcohol, and upped my exercises from a couple of yoga periods every week to 3 power or high-intensity exercises, and some runs, with the goal of inching as much as 10km.

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In just some weeks I’d lowered my total fats proportion from 29 to 27 per cent, shaved centimetres just about in all places, and was figuring out persistently and largely with out criticism. I’d run my farthest distance – 7km – and was holding complicated power poses in yoga for longer. I used to be having fun with it.

Kelly Dennett was working out consistently, and mostly without complaint. Then lockdown happened.


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