How this Kegel-Boosting Treatment Helps with COVID-Related Erectile Dysfunction

Research have discovered that one noteworthy complication that has arisen from COVID-19 an infection is the doable onset of erectile dysfunction (ED). One examine discovered males contaminated with the virus have been greater than 5 occasions extra prone to develop ED. In line with an article revealed earlier this yr within the International Journal of Impotence, analysis has proven a correlation between ED and COVID-19, citing that the an infection may have an effect on male sexual operate by means of injury to erectile tissue, testicular injury and the psychological results of COVID-19.

“COVID-19 an infection can have an effect on a number of organ methods, and extra basically has a direct affect on our blood vessel, nerve and hormone operate,” explains Denver, CO urologist Juan Montoya, MD. “There’s additionally proof that the male intercourse hormone testosterone could assist clarify why COVID-19 infections are typically extra extreme and deadly in males. Given these findings, it ought to be no shock that erectile dysfunction and decreased sexual well being have been related to COVID-19 infections.”


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