How to Set Healthy Boundaries With Your Fitness Tracker

Halevy says health trackers will help gauge our well being, however “numbers solely give us a part of the story.”

The opposite a part of the story is analyzing how you are feeling in your day-to-day life.

“I undoubtedly suppose that they are useful so that you can understand how a lot effort you are placing in, or it is encouraging to see, like, ‘Oh, I did this quantity final week,’ proper? After which, ‘Oh, this week I did 100 extra steps,’ that is tremendous encouraging. However I believe the place the slippery slope occurs is whenever you’re solely motivated by that alone and never about the way it makes you are feeling, or about how possibly you lowered your ldl cholesterol or the way you slept higher since you walked these further hundred steps,” Murdock says.

“It ought to actually be about general wellness, thoughts, and physique.”

Be Form to Your self


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