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In 1552-1618, the primary potato plant was planted in Eire by a British explorer and historian who was well-known for his visits to America. He gave Queen Elizabeth I a potato plant as a present. The queen beloved it a lot that she invited the native gentry to a royal feast the place potatoes had been a part of every course. Potatoes then grew to become essential ingredient within the British kitchen. 

Within the twenty first Century, the world’s hottest and nutrient-dense tuber vegetable continues to be the potato. Nonetheless, it’s under-appreciated within the international meals financial system. It seems that everybody mistrusts potatoes. But we get pleasure from consuming them within the least wholesome manners, don’t we? We blame them for being unhealthy after consuming dishes like french fries, potato chips, baked tacky potatoes, mashed potatoes with cream, and so forth.


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