Proteotoxicity caused by perturbed protein complexes underlies hybrid incompatibility in yeast

Chromosome alternative traces exhibit a transcriptional signature of stress responses

Beforehand, we constructed 11 chromosome alternative traces between two intently associated species, S. cerevisiae (Sc) and S. bayanus var. uvarum (Sb), to dissect the contribution of particular person chromosomes to hybrid incompatibility28. Though we recognized a number of circumstances of sturdy mitochondrial-nuclear incompatibilities involving two genes28,29, the weak and polygenic nuclear-nuclear incompatibilities broadly noticed in these traces remained unexplored. Transcriptome evaluation can symbolize a delicate manner of detecting hybrid dysfunctions30,31,32. Subsequently, we evaluated the transcriptomic penalties of the presence of overseas chromosomes in all of the 11 diploid alternative traces derived from crossing a and α varieties of the respective alternative traces. We performed RNA sequencing on whole RNA remoted from diploid cell traces grown at 23 °C, a non-stressful temperature for each S. cerevisiae and S. bayanus var. uvarum, and labeled a gene as being differentially expressed if the fold-change in expression between the alternative line and the parental line (Sc) was better than 1.5 with an adjusted p-value < 0.05.


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