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What evolutionary benefit comes from girls having significantly much less physique hair than males? Mal Jones, Cardiff

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As you grow old the whole lot will get hairier and nearer to the bottom. If we lived lengthy sufficient we’d find yourself as a shagpile carpet. Lafferty

I believe the query misunderstands evolution a little bit bit. Not each human trait confers evolutionary benefit. Some traits are simply the byproduct of one thing, reminiscent of extra testosterone within the case of hair. IngridCZ

Most likely sexual choice, furry males being most popular as sexual companions by girls and/or much less furry girls being most popular by males. One concept is that’s it’s simpler to evaluate the well being of a possible accomplice when the pores and skin is seen. Blemishes, pores and skin illness, rashes, and so forth, are indicators of unhealthy well being and subsequently a much less fascinating accomplice for replica. So a visibly easy, even pores and skin is a horny high quality in a accomplice, and folks received much less furry. For males, this may be counterbalanced by testosterone selling physique hair development and different qualities that enhance possibilities of copy, reminiscent of physique power, so males ended up hairier than girls. Llorona

What I used to be taught after I was youthful was that physique hair, particularly pubic hair, is supposed to perform as a form of launch pad for pheromones. Perhaps pheromones are extra vital for males than they’re for ladies. Simother

My thought is that it’s simpler to bond with a brand new born youngster who can contact the mom’s pores and skin with out an insulating “fur” in between. Additionally, hairless folks appear youthful, and youthful girls are on common extra fertile. Henna Kahra, Uppsala

As is usually a sexist given, the query is requested from the angle of the male as being the norm. It ought to truly learn: “What evolutionary benefit is there to a male having extra physique hair than a feminine?” Elaine Sporko

The physique hair genes are in all probability a hangover from Homo sapiens sapiens interbreeding with H sapiens neanderthalis. Trendy human genes concerned in making keratin, a protein constituent of pores and skin, hair, and nails, include excessive ranges of genetic introgression (when genes are bolstered by frequent again crossing). For instance, the genes of roughly 66% of east Asians include a POUF23L variant introgressed from neanderthals, whereas 70% of Europeans possess an introgressed allele of BNC2. Neanderthal variants have an effect on the chance of creating a number of illnesses, together with lupus, biliary cirrhosis, Crohn’s illness, sort 2 diabetes, and Sars-CoV-2. Palaeontologists have lengthy pointed to the Center East, southern Europe and the Indian subcontinent because the areas most probably to have been co-inhabited by each sorts of human. Coincidentally, these are the areas the place male physique hair as a secondary sexual attribute is extra generally expressed. Hippaferalkus

A trait that consumes sources, like rising a beard or, in different animals, manes or horns, could be a drawback if there weren’t some compensating evolutionary benefit. The evolutionary stress could be to alter the seen response to the presence of a hormone if there was a web steadiness of drawback in expression. There’s nothing uncommon about sexual dimorphism in lots of species. There’s a normal concept that probably the most spectacular variations are about proving health to outlive and doubtlessly breed regardless of an apparent drawback of being extra seen to predators, or devoting power to options or behaviours that haven’t any apparent helpful perform, reminiscent of plumes, tail streamers or shows in lots of birds. Choice for probably the most excessive examples of dimorphism is about being most popular as mates and people genes being handed on. leadballoon

Actually – at the very least in sure components of east London, anyway – possession of an significantly extravagant and fulsome beard is a robust indicator that the proprietor professionally makes a extremely good cup of espresso or has direct entry to craft beers – each certainly sturdy mating benefits to a contemporary city homo sapien? HaveYouFedTheFish

I’m removed from an skilled, however I as soon as learn one thing about sexual preferences in relation to birds as soon as, speaking concerning the tail size most popular by females, however I see no cause it shouldn’t apply to human hairiness.

The gist was that some birds of that species most popular longer tails and a few shorter tails. If a feminine hen chooses a mate with an extended tail, that signifies that the youngsters have an elevated probability of each having an extended tail and likewise of inheriting the choice itself for longer tails. The results of that is that each one it takes is, say, 55% of birds preferring longer tails and, over time, their offspring will outnumber those that favor shorter tails.

This doesn’t work if the longer tail supplies an evolutionary drawback, due to course then they’d be much less prone to survive to breed. However the place no evolutionary benefit or drawback exists, it actually is so simple as preferences being to an extent hereditary. In actual fact, these birds now exist at an evolutionary level the place their tails are the longest they will presumably be earlier than the hen loses the flexibility to fly.

Logically, subsequently, all it could take is a number of extra girls to favor much less furry males than furry males, and over time that will translate to a choice of the bulk. The purpose being that sexual choice doesn’t all the time must relate to evolution – the place a attribute has no affect on survival or copy. It actually might be so simple as a private choice being inherited from one’s mother and father and handed on to at least one’s offspring. Barattin

Much less physique hair aids steadiness when bare in a wind tunnel resulting from much less wind resistance. Actually everybody is aware of that. zblargx

Ladies with beards for infants to drag at would possibly effectively be inclined to chop their breastfeeding shorter. rosiecyp

What I actually wish to perceive is what evolutionary benefit comes from the acceleration in hair development from my nostril and ears in my 50s, 15 years after going bald! DewinDwl

Much less hair means fewer parasites/fleas/ticks, decrease threat of vector-related bacterial, viral or parasitic illness, which might be a bonus for a nursing mom and her youngster in a cave.

Extra hair, higher insulation, greater tolerance to chilly, which might be a bonus for a hunter-gatherer. I believe that on the time, males spent extra trip of the cave searching for meals. Additionally, male animal species are usually extra flamboyant, so an impressive hair show could make a extra enticing mate for a feminine, because it may very well be an indication of upper testosterone ranges, power and dominance.

One of many issues I can’t perceive is that if there’s certainly any evolutionary benefit of being shortsighted (not with the ability to see clearly for distance with out glasses). An entertaining clarification could be that shortsighted males weren’t capable of out to hunt and subsequently needed to keep within the cave serving to out with home points, in addition to having extra alternatives to procreate and subsequently having a bonus on passing on their genes over the alpha male of the group, who was out searching! Petros Aristodemou

Ladies have a thicker layer of adipose tissue because it supplies further power storage that they want for reproductive perform. Males’s thinner adipose layer means they lose extra warmth. The additional physique hair compensates considerably for this. Alan Martin

Most traits don’t provide a bonus per se, however don’t confer a drawback. People relative hairlessness could have been the byproduct of, say strolling upright. Or a bigger mind. Nevertheless we received like this, it has not affected our means to breed or to adapt to all local weather on earth. Therefore, it persists. Pseudaletia

Flip the query round – why do males have extra hair than girls? Hair by itself probably confers no evolutionary benefit, it’s not an adaptation. Nor does it have an evolutionary price. However it in all probability correlates with one thing that’s adaptive – testosterone ranges maybe? Feminine selection for no matter it correlates with has exerted choice stress over millennia, leading to better male hair. Or it correlates with one thing that provides males a aggressive benefit – once more, maybe testosterone. Blackcappedchickadee

Elaine Morgan hypothesised a interval in evolutionary historical past during which folks did a variety of their searching and gathering in and close to the water. She supplied the likelihood that there was a gender divide within the forms of searching and gathering that folks did then, with girls doing extra of the water-based stuff. Therefore a thicker layer of all-over physique fats and fewer hair (for streamlining). I’m in no place to evaluate on the small print however her concept general appears to have some first rate grounding, though it’s not presently modern. BrianO_Blivion

Some extra Elaine Morgan factors: different mammals who’ve equally much less physique hair and extra fats layer are elephants, walrus, seals, who’re accepted as having had durations of evolution in or on the fringe of the ocean. In these aqua mammals the sample of physique hair grows following the circulation of water when swimming. Human breasts are further fatty (rounded), nothing to do with sexual attraction, which is a western oddity, however to be extra simply grabbed by infants when slippery and moist. The aqua mammals all have midwife attendance at births. Elaine Morgan is certainly sensible. ShanMorgain

Evolutionary biologists have recognized many issues with lots of Morgan’s hypotheses and arguments. Her work is superficially interesting, however doesn’t stand as much as scrutiny and has been largely dismissed by consultants. littlepump

Physique hair helps us handle the pores and skin biome, the inhabitants of excellent micro organism, viruses and fungi that inhabits our surfaces. Thus it isn’t only a visible sexual sign, as many of the feedback right here handle, somewhat it has perform. A survey of male hospital medical doctors discovered that those that created an open wound on their faces by day by day shaving carried considerably extra an infection on their faces than their bearded colleagues. Dirkum

Studying these feedback I believe there’s a frequent false impression that evolution is linear and agenda-driven, as if we’re heading towards an ideal answer. However evolution is merely imperfect genetic copy – mutation. Whether or not these mutations provide a bonus is determined by setting. There might be earlier iterations of a species that died out that will now be dominant.

In regard to feminine hair being pushed by something greater than a by-product of hormones – I’d be shocked. There are males with much less hair than girls. Races with much less hair than others. The setting decides and we make our micro picks from what’s on provide. That turns into our tradition. And offering our cultural preferences don’t endanger our wellbeing we survive one other spherical to move it on. theoliverwall


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