The Vagus Nerve: The Key to a Healthier Stress Response

Nowadays everyone seems to be searching for the supply of their stress and looking for a approach to alleviate pressure. One usually neglected a part of the physique, the vagus nerve, is intrinsically linked to the thoughts and physique’s stress response. Stimulating this nerve and enhancing the vagal tone can assist improve the physique’s resiliency.

The vagus nerve

Whereas the vagus nerve isn’t extensively recognized, it’s chargeable for a handful of important involuntary capabilities. Founding father of OSEA, Jenefer Palmer, says it’s the longest and most complicated cranial nerve within the physique and performs a job in every part from feelings to quality of sleep. It’s “the primary nerve of your parasympathetic nervous system and controls physiological capabilities similar to our digestion, coronary heart fee, temper and even our immune system,” explains wellness skilled and holistic nutritionist Jennifer Hanway. A enjoyable reality: “Its title, derived from Latin, that means ‘wandering,’ and rightly in order the tenth cranial nerve, it extends from the mind stem right down to the gut,” says Palmer.


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