Things You Need to Know Before Buying Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are skinny glass or plastic lenses fitted over your eyes’ cornea to appropriate imaginative and prescient points reminiscent of hyperopia, astigmatism, or myopia. They are often prescribed for individuals who don’t produce enough tears, have a viral an infection historical past of the cornea, are consistently uncovered to fumes, or are underneath age 9. Earlier than buying contact lenses, you could go for a watch evaluation and phone becoming, which an ophthalmologist or optometrist can conduct.

During the eye examination, the physician will verify your eye’s general well being, together with testing how your eyes operate collectively, your eye’s fluid stress, and whether or not you might have any infections. They’ll measure your iris or pupil dimension, corneal curvature, and tear film quality to find out whether or not it’s best to put on lenses. If sure, your eye’s form and dimension might be measured to make sure your contact lenses match completely. This text outlines six issues that you must know earlier than shopping for contact lenses.


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