TikTok’s Fitness Influencers Lie for a Living. Meet the Doctors Holding Them Accountable.

At occasions, anti-TikTok sentiment can wander into the realm of “Old Man Yells at Cloud.” Even when operating up a mountain of milk crates is harmful, devoting a Twitter thread, private weblog or response video to clarify exactly why screams as lame and out of contact. In spite of everything: nobody thought it was protected. That’s why individuals had been doing it within the first place.

Generally, although, TikTok desperately wants these checks and balances. Like some other type of social media, the platform is fertile floor for the unfold of misinformation. In some methods, TikTok has even confirmed itself a bigger conduit for lies than Twitter (which has gotten higher at flagging and labelling untrustworthy sources) and YouTube (the place conspiracy theories thrive, however movies are much less private than what a consumer normally encounters on TikTok).


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