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When you have been to the market, you in all probability would have come throughout an exotic-looking, prickly fruit, which can have poked your curiosity. That’s ‘dragon fruit’ for you! Pink peel, inexperienced/yellow scales, and white flesh studded with tiny black seeds is generally how folks describe dragon fruit. Whereas it tastes superb, its look is much extra dramatic than the flavour which is due to the legendary creature-inspired identify.
Based on well being specialists, it isn’t simply an unique fruit that appears superb, however it’s a tasty and wholesome fruit that arouses the style buds and has many well being advantages as effectively. Right this moment, you will note completely different types of dragon fruit available in the market – some with pink pores and skin and pink flesh, yellow pores and skin with white flesh, amongst others. Aside from completely different appears, completely different types of dragon fruit have refined variations of style additionally.


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