What Is Hypochlorous Acid, and How Does It Protect Against COVID-19?

When you’ve ever had neurotoxin or filler injections at a physician’s workplace, you will have had your pores and skin cleaned with hypochlorous acid earlier than your remedy. New York dermatologist Doris Day, MD says it’s the primary ingredient she makes use of for this function, as it’s a lot gentler on pores and skin—even in probably the most delicate sufferers—than widespread options like rubbing alcohol. Nevertheless, the under-the-radar ingredient is now getting its quarter-hour of fame (and probably many extra) as phrase spreads about its advantages in each skincare and well being care, as it could assist shield towards the dreaded COVID-19 virus AND maskne. Right here’s what to know.

What’s hypochlorous acid?

“Hypocholorous acid (HOCl) is an antimicrobial and anti inflammatory substance naturally created by our white blood cells to forestall an infection, micro organism and damage to the pores and skin,” says Omaha, NE dermatologist Joel Schlessinger, MD. “Much like hyaluronic acid, hypocholorous acid is a naturally occurring substance made within the physique’s immune system, making it acceptable for even probably the most delicate pores and skin.” Nevertheless, it additionally possesses the flexibility to destroy micro organism, fungi and viruses with out being poisonous to people, so it’s been manufactured as a disinfectant cleansing agent as properly. “It might scent mildly like chlorine when it’s sprayed, however the scent shouldn’t linger for lengthy.”


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