4 Experts Sound Off on the Powers of Acupuncture

From aiding in hair loss to minimizing signs related to menopause, specialists reward the various powers of acupuncture.

Jaw Ache
To discover a resolution for a affected person affected by stress-induced TMJ, physician of Chinese language medication Elizabeth Trattner thought-about the position of the affected person’s organs. “In Conventional Chinese language medication (TCM), stress comes from the gallbladder and liver, so we will use acupuncture to focus on meridians and factors in these areas and assist management joint ache.” Along side acupuncture, she makes use of gua sha to deal with TMJ as a result of it breaks up stagnation within the jaw. “However, if a affected person is utilizing the software themselves at residence, it’s vital that they get a lesson from their physician of Chinese language medication earlier than diving in.”


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