After losing 28kg in 6 months this mum is having fun keeping up with her 2-year-old!

After her ex and a few relations commented on her weight 22-year-old mum Ashlee Finch determined it was time to get critical about her weight reduction objectives and well being.

Not solely has she misplaced 28 kg since she joined The Healthy Mummy she’s learnt a lot and feels so a lot better in herself.

Learn her story under…

She’s misplaced 28kg in 6 months and feels a lot more healthy!

Ashlee Finch is a 22-year-old mum to a beautiful 2-year-old dwelling in Swansea who simply desires to maintain up together with her son so grew to become decided to drop some pounds to assist herself and her well being.

“I grew to become decided to drop some pounds after my ex and different relations informed me that I used to be fats. I additionally wished to maintain up with my son.”

She’s misplaced a complete of 28kgs due to The Healthy Mummy since she joined 6 months in the past!

“Since I began with The Wholesome Mummy in December I’ve misplaced 28kg. I began at 130kg and am now about 102kg.”

“It’s taken me 6 months to lose 28kg, I began in December and it’s now June.”


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