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Drought circumstances throughout the Midwest have some producers taking a look at an early weaning plan for calves. Bearing in mind forage high quality and amount and creating an early weaning vitamin and vaccination program, might work for some producers in drought stricken areas, in line with Rick Rasby, professor of animal science, on the College of Nebraska-Lincoln.

In keeping with Rasby, weaning calves at 45 to 60 days of age is a viable administration technique in drought circumstances, and weaning calves at three to 5 months can be another if forage is scarce earlier than fall, however a administration plan for the calves is important.

“No matter weaning age, calves that begin consuming dry feed instantly after separation from their dam have fewer incidences of morbidity and mortality than calves that don’t eat for twenty-four to 48 hours after separation,” Rasby stated.

Bunk and waterer top ought to be adjusted for the calves, Rasby stated, and a creep feeder supplied three to 4 weeks previous to weaning can get calves began on processed feeds, to assist with the weaning transition.

“It’s important to get calves to eat as quickly (as attainable) after being separated from their dam. If calves are creep fed earlier than weaning, they are going to adapt shortly to being separated from their dams,” Rasby stated.

In keeping with Rasby, the starter ration ought to be fed till the calves are consuming 4 to five kilos per animal per day, or 1 to 1.5 % of the physique weight. This may take 10 to 14 days.

Together with the administration plan, early weaning requires some further planning on vaccinations.

Vaccinations akin to bovine respiratory syncytial virus (BRSV), infectious bovine rhinotracheitis (IBR), parainfluenza three (PI3) and bovine viral diarrhea (BVD), given roughly a month previous to weaning, with acceptable boosters at or close to the time of weaning, are frequent in cow-calf producers’ preconditioning applications, in line with Russ Daly, DVM extension veterinarian at South Dakota State College.

Daly says producers ought to nonetheless plan on vaccinating early weaned calves.

“Up to now, researchers fearful that antibodies from colostrum would intervene with vaccine response. More moderen work exhibits that killed vaccines, modified stay intranasal vaccines or adjuvanted modified stay vaccines utilized in calves as younger as a pair months of age can shield towards lively an infection with viruses, akin to BVDV,” Daly writes in an SDSU early weaning paper.


Daly recommends consulting an area veterinarian, as altering the timing of a vaccination program will be difficult.

“The particular timing of respiratory vaccines (together with the everyday Clostridium mixtures) is one thing greatest mentioned along with your veterinarian,” Daly says.

Nevertheless, Rasby does share some normal statements on preconditioning pictures:

If calves are seeing respiratory vaccines for the primary time now, ideally they need to get that vaccine a minimum of two weeks previous to weaning. Any vaccine, particularly the primary dose, wants time to stimulate the immune system previous to publicity (on this case, publicity to the stress of weaning) — typically, the extra time allowed, the higher.

Take note of vaccine booster doses and their timing. The very best immunological “bang for the buck” is when the booster dose is given within the timeframe talked about on the product label (sometimes three to 4 weeks after the preliminary dose). Attempt to give boosters at the moment no matter how near weaning the primary dose was given.

Calves that got respiratory vaccines at branding time are blessed with a bit extra flexibility. The response to a booster dose of vaccine is faster than the response to the preliminary dose. Boostering the vaccine at weaning time is an appropriate apply; nonetheless, doing this even a number of days previous to weaning would guarantee immune response on board when the calf is weaned.

David Lalman, professor and beef extension specialist and Oklahoma State College, says essentially the most important time for early weaned calves is the primary two weeks.

“Calves should overcome the stress of weaning and study to eat dry feed in a short time. The primary ration ought to be very palatable and excessive in protein and power, because the whole ration consumption will at first be small,” Lalman stated.

Lalman additionally recommends a creep feeder within the pasture previous to weaning, however factors out that almost all calves received’t eat a lot creep whereas nonetheless nursing.

“Keep in mind that early-weaned calves are began with a ration excessive in power and protein and are progressively modified to a grower-type ration as their whole consumption will increase,” Lalman says.

“Within the case of little 150- to 250-pound calves, you take on the position of mom and mom nature by way of changing milk and high-quality pasture with feed or harvested forage, so the feed product must be calf-appropriate. This could be a problem with frequent ranch sources,” Lalman stated.

The dietary administration program must be carefully monitored and managed each day.

“Feed consumption, scours, hair coat, calves consuming filth or chewing wooden and fleshiness are issues to regulate. The calves ought to be licking themselves and hair coat ought to be shiny and contemporary, not brown and off in search of black calves for instance,” Lalman stated. “My suggestion can be to restrict feed consumption as soon as it reaches about 2 % of physique weight to maintain calves from getting too fleshy. In our latest experiments, we just about fed the calves about all they’d devour simply to find out how a lot they’d eat in comparison with their contemporaries nonetheless nursing their moms. Consequently, the early weaned calves had been fleshy by the 205-day mark.”

Lalman presents extra early weaning suggestions and an early weaning three step ration plan at:


Vitamin A deficiency is one other issue to contemplate with each drought circumstances and early weaning, in line with Lalman. Vitamin A is among the most essential nutritional vitamins to complement.

“Vitamin A is critical for correct bone formation, progress, power metabolism (glucose synthesis) and pores and skin and hoof tissue upkeep, in addition to imaginative and prescient. The imaginative and prescient operate is related to visible purple within the eye when animals are attempting to adapt from mild to darkish,” Lalman stated.

Vitamin A deficiency signs embody night time blindness, reproductive failures, skeletal deformation and pores and skin lesions.

“The very best supply of this vitamin is beta-carotene, a pigment in inexperienced crops that animals convert to vitamin A. If cattle are grazing inexperienced grass, they are going to get loads of vitamin A. Throughout winter months or drought, vitamin A deficiencies are frequent as a result of dormant crops don’t comprise the degrees of beta-carotene wanted in comparison with the inexperienced forage ranges within the rising months,” Lalman stated.

Coccidiosis can be a giant problem in line with Lalman.

“We now have a historical past of issues if we confine calves in a dry lot throughout a annoying interval for any size of time and don’t embody a coccidiostat. We haven’t had an issue controlling the illness so long as we embody the additive,” Lalman stated.

Backside line, weaning will be profitable, and calves will be effectively raised to a traditional weaning weight in a drylot, Lalman stated.

“Whereas early weaning is definitely not really helpful as customary apply, it ought to be helpful in instances of drought when bought feed could also be extra effectively fed on to the calf than to the lactating cow. Early weaning might also supply cattlemen an opportunity to attain excessive conception charges in cows to skinny to rebreed in any other case,” Lalman stated.


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