The Role Birth Control Plays in Skin Health

Whereas we’d love to offer you a clear-cut reply about whether or not contraception will enhance or worsen your pores and skin well being, most specialists say it varies from individual to individual. Though contraception usually will get an excellent wrap on the subject of clearing acne, that’s not at all times the case for everybody. “All drugs, together with oral contraceptive tablets, can have unintended results—some good and a few not so good—on the physique,” says gynecologist Kiarra King, MD. “Every particular person’s physique and physiologic make up will decide how they reply to any given treatment.”

It could possibly enhance or worsen zits

In the event you’re fascinated with making an attempt contraception to assist clear up your pores and skin, it’d contain a little bit of trial and error. “Some tablets will clear up the pores and skin. Others will make it worse. The identical tablet that clears up one girl’s pores and skin could make the following girl’s pores and skin worse,” says gynecologist Carolyn DeLucia, MD. “There is no such thing as a easy or actual science to the impact of contraception tablets on pores and skin.” Nonetheless, she notes that typically the hormone drospirenone, which has similarities to spironolactone, is present in contraception tablets. Drospirenone is usually used to deal with hormonal acne, so a tablet with this hormone within the combine is extra prone to be useful for the pores and skin.


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