What Common Household Products Should You Avoid If Someone In Your Family Has Asthma?

About 25 million Americans have bronchial asthma, a situation that makes it troublesome to breathe and causes chest ache. Chemical compounds present in family merchandise can set off assaults. Listed below are a couple of to look out for.

1. Wooden Smoke

Cozying up by the hearth sounds enjoyable, however it may induce an bronchial asthma assault. The smoke incorporates carbon monoxide, unstable natural compounds and nitrogen oxides. It additionally has hazardous air pollutants, like benzene and formaldehyde. These particles are harmful as a result of they’re tiny and may get deep into your lungs, resulting in coughing and wheezing. Take precautions by opening your home windows, including a grate and constructing a smaller hearth.


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