Supplements Doctors Recommend for a Faster Post-Op Recovery

Sure nutritional vitamins

Nutritional vitamins are sometimes a double-edged sword in terms of post-op, says Dr. Mahabir. “There are a number of dietary supplements that must be averted in and round surgical procedure. Vitamin E, for instance, can intrude with wound therapeutic, and others can improve the danger of bleeding,” he warns. This is the reason it’s important to debate any nutritional vitamins you propose to take together with your surgeon earlier than you’re taking them.

Whilst you can take a tablet for every of the required nutritional vitamins, why not simply take them multi function shot? Dr. Mahabir says Vitamedica Clinical Support Program ($48) is well-researched, secure and efficient. “It contains vitamins A and C, Zn, B-complex and antioxidants,” says Dr. Mahabir. “These mix to assist wholesome cell progress, collagen formation, immune system perform and reasonable stress. With their morning and night formulation, additionally they improve wakefulness throughout the day and higher quality sleep—all vital elements to restoration.”


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