What’s Your Enneagram Mantra? Find Out Here

Enneagram mantras are formally a factor. Given how the Enneagram system helps us perceive ourselves, it solely is smart to make use of mantras that correspond to our specific Enneagram kind.

Ah the Enneagram sorts… one little quantity can shed a lot mild on understanding our inside nature, how we navigate the world, assist us higher perceive the folks in our lives, and even how one can apply the perfect types of self-care for ourselves!

Enneagram Self-Care: The Best Routine Based on Your Personality Type

The Enneagram is a persona typing system to assist us perceive ourselves and one another. There are 9 Enneagram sorts: the perfectionist, giver, achiever, individualist, investigator, skeptic, fanatic, chief, and peacemaker.


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